Marianne Forrest



 Marianne Forrest makes Timepieces from the tiniest of wristwatches to huge Architectural installations for urban spaces.


Of her work she says;


‘I have a fascination with scale and surface, form and function and explore ideas about the nature of time and it’s transience and permanence. I try to re-define the traditional timepiece or wristwatch and the way it is worn or hung by expanding it’s potential for hanging and draping in unusual and challenging ways.


The very act of making an object has its feet firmly in the present and yet the past and the future are interlocked within each piece. I like to work with the instantaneous as well as the painstaking, mixing ways of making in the exploration of these themes. New technology is fascinating in it’s methods of building three-dimensional objects which are meticulously constructed by machine yet carved by hand in the virtual space of a computer. 


Every piece is a new challenge, whether it is the smallest watch possible, as with the ‘Tiny Titanium’ range, exploring hand making skills for the creation of a pocket watch or the huge sculptural pieces made for Urban environments such as the 10.5 metre high town centre Timepiece for Ebbw Vale in South Wales.’


I use movements old and new for their function and beauty, both.


A graduate of the Royal College of Art Marianne has exhibited all over the world and has her work is in many collections both public and private. Most notably in the V&A’, The Goldsmiths Company Collection, The Scottish Gallery Collection and The Hampshire Museum Collection.